Hey y’all! I’m Mel!!  I’m a stay at home mom and a military wife who appreciates the little things and tries to live life to the fullest. I have two kids, Olivia (5) and Jaxon (3), and an English bulldog named Gunner (9).  I met my husband, Chris, in 2008 and have been on an adventure ever since.  I grew up in Iowa but have lived in ten states (AZ, CO, GA, IA, IL, IN, MN, NM, OR, WA) and one foreign country (AUS) for a “study” abroad program.  We’re currently in the PNW and are loving every minute of it.  I have a degree from Indiana University in Communications and have specialized in Human Resources and relocation; however, finding and keeping a wonderful job while moving with the military has proved to be tough.  I’ve learned to try to find the positives in any situation and just roll with it (while still analyzing every little detail if you know me. ha!).

In my spare time, I love to read, hang with my family and get outside.  I’m sort of half lazy and half active.  I started this blog to help fill my time with something just for me since I’m not working outside of the home for the time being.  I’m not sure who will be interested in my ramblings but since my normal audience is my kids, this has to be an improvement.  

GREENFEET MAMA came to me from being apart of the rescue community in the military.  They say that when a helicopter landed in Vietnam during the war, it left huge impressions that looked like giant green footprints.  And just as the helicopter and its men left a huge impression in the grass fields, the military life has left a huge impression on me and has changed my outlook on life really.   Being a military wife and away from most family and friends leaves you leaning on your military member’s teammates and families.  And while it’s tough, it’s exactly where we’re meant to be for the time being.  

Here at GREENFEET MAMA, you’ll find stories about military life, outdoors, products, fitness, fashion and of course, kiddos.  And if you’re lucky, or unlucky really, I may throw a recipe or two at you.

I find that I can get lost in social media and other blogs when we’re in a waiting room or if I can get a moment to myself so hope you can find something useful or funny to help pass your time as well. And if there’s anything you want to know or need help researching, please let me know.