Over the course of my 30 some years, I have been to Sonic less than 5 times. And besides the ice cream, because how can one go wrong with ice cream, I just do not understand Sonic. No offense. God bless it. Not personal. Etc. But last night was my 4th time I believe. I thought I’d take the kids to get a slushee after Olivia’s tball practice.

First off, I’m confused just pulling into the lot. Do I park? Is there a drive thru? Oh, there is. Why would I park and sit in my car to eat? Personally, I’d much rather drive thru and either bring the food to the next location which is usually home for me. Or eat while driving. Or even get out and eat at any table. What are the folks doing sitting in there cars eating? Can they not pick up and go home to eat it? Or get out and sit at the picnic tables? I’m just baffled by this.

Second of all, I did not think there was anything spectacular about the food.  I think I’ve tried a hamburger, slushee, breakfast sandwich, grilled cheese, tots and ice cream.  Tots and ice cream are hard to mess up so they were fine. But the cherry limeade and blue raspberry slushee did not even come close to what we were thinking it’d taste like? ☹️ So yeah, I’d much rather stop at Chick Fil A (best ever), McD’s, Wendy’s etc.

Am I missing something? Can someone enlighten me or is just OK fast food with a weird park’n’eat concept?

That is all. Guess I’ll make dinner and smoothies tonight.