Hey y’all! Just a quick post because I’m actually alone. Wait, scratch that. Jaxon is taking a forced nap and Olivia is out riding bikes to the park with my awesome neighbors.

Life has been a bit crazy lately. But isn’t it always?! We’re in that weird in between stage with Jaxon right now where he doesn’t need naps but by the fourth or fifth days, he’s a hot mess and needs one. That’s where we are today. He’s normally such a happy kid. But lately, he’s trying to establish his dominance all over the place. So forced naps is what it’s come to. Oh, and lots of timeouts.

I’m not sure about y’all, but our two kids started out as the sweetest display of sibling love I’d ever seen. I grew up with a brother and would say we fought a lot growing up; but as soon as we were in high school, we were very close and remain so to this day.  I want that for my kids.  To have that someone that you know in school, to have a “friend” to run into at a party/college, to hang out when visiting grandparents, to ask important questions to, to buy beer for you.  Oh wait, my kids…not me. Lol.

But Olivia is the best big sister. So sweet and loving and helpful. And Jaxon looks up to her and gives her hugs and snuggles all day long. Until the last few months. They still have their loving moments, but Jaxon is wanting what he wants and won’t take no for an answer. Hence, all the timeouts. And during this transition as he tries to communicate with us better (hopefully), Olivia takes this time to then tease or throw things in Jax’s face.

I know it’s a phase. Everything is a phase. But boy, it can be exhausting in the rough moments. And then a sweet moment comes along and almost erases the bad ones.

Hang in there folks! Hope your day ends with a sweet moment instead of a rough one! Cheers!