It’s Sunday Funday. We started this morning with church, errands, naps and are about to end it with breakfast for dinner. Great day! And what’s even better, I had a 20% off REI member discount code to use by today so I DID!

Much to Chris’ dismay, I’m of the mindset that I’m losing money if I don’t use these promotion codes or discounts. Not really. I get the marketing tactic and am smarter than that. But sometimes they are a tad more difficult to resist. Along the similar lines are the Old Navy, Carters, etc spend this much and get this much off later coupons. Truthfully, I do love these types of coupons for kid clothes maybe once each season and can buy a bit at first and then use the “savings money” the next month when the code applies. But overall, I can spend money wisely and only make these impulse decisions every now and again. If I do purchase something online, I always search for coupon/promotion codes before buying because sites like RetailMeNot make it quite easy even if it’s just free shipping.

I will always be a notorious impulse buyer but try really hard not to look around when I get to a checkout lane. My Mom always said as I child I was the kid having the meltdowns because I always wanted candy. I see traits of this in my daughter as well but she knows it’s just not going to happen. And I’ve found that ordering my groceries online from time to time helps with the random impulse snacks I do buy for the kids when I have them with me at the store.

In general, I like to tease Chris with this stuff so he may chuckle at my choice in posts today. “But I’m saving money.” “This cookie is healthy because it has peanut butter in it.” “Ice cream is so good for us because, hello, dairy.” “Chocolate covered almonds counts towards our protein.”

So, in short, I’m excited for my new raincoat to arrive later this week. My old one is 11 years old and peeling. And hello, the PNW rain is no joke! Yay for my rainy Sunday Funday, my hubby making dinner and for my REI exclusive members code (that is available to every REI member and not that exclusive)!