Hey y’all.  Just a quick post to let everyone know I’ve decided that I have things to say so I’m starting a blog to compile all of my ramblings.  Greenfeet Mama will mostly be about things going on in my life that may pertain to others.  I will try not to bore or give too many personal details but I’ve always enjoyed writing…and talking about myself so here goes. Lol.  Hopefully this will give me an outlet to talk with some adults throughout the day as well as use my brain.  It may be slow as I learn webpages and can improve the blog/social media page(s) so bare with me please. 

I’ll try to post every so often but it’ll be around my daily life with two kids.  I mean even as I’m trying to work on this first blog post, Jaxon had an accident because he didn’t want to stop playing and Olivia wanted the perfect Belle-bun to go with her Beauty dress so I had to stop for a bit.  

It’s spring break here in the PNW and since Chris has big stuff going on this week at work, we’re sticking around town.  We’ve been doing mostly normal stuff but boy, the kids without their normal schedule is rough. Lots of bike riding, parks, baking, reading, movies and playing.  We even started a garden this week and I’ve finally finished painting our house.  Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey all the way!! But, we’ve probably more meltdowns this week than we’ve had in the last few months so this Mama is in desperate need of a kidless night (but our sitter on spring break too naturally).  

OK, back to the craziness.  There’s a dishwasher that needs emptying, kids that need scolding for not sharing well and dinner to be made.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll check back soon!